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Comic 14 - When it's Wright...

9th Nov 2010, 5:00 PM in 1. When it's Wright...
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When it's Wright...
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Author Notes:

9th Nov 2010, 5:00 PM
Martin F.
First chapter is rolling now, and we get our first (sorta) glimpse of Dorothy.

Funny thing, I actually pictured this totally differently from how it came out. I was picturing it as more of a Geno from Super Mario RPG-ish thing, though I think this works better - looks less human, which suits the purpose well.
9th Nov 2010, 7:44 PM
Adam C.
Actually, I think I prefer your idea- that would've been much neater-looking. Actually, I was really considering re-doing this last week because I just didn't like how the puppet looked. Is actually based off my artwork manniquin.

Could've been better, but the sky looks good, Sarabeth looks good, and of course your colors look good.