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Comic 182 - The Power Tower

17th Jun 2012, 11:00 PM in 7. The Power Tower
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The Power Tower
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Author Notes:

17th Jun 2012, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, some BP crossing over again. It's not as prevalent this time but still, wanna keep consistent with mentioning it unless it's going to turn out to be a big surprise or something.

Anyway, chapter seven, woo! Funny enough, originally after this chapter the plan was for Adam to stop with drawing WaR then Blues would start. He eventually decided that he could handle both, though, and so Blues started way ahead of schedule - by the time this chapter will have ended think something like seventeen months.

Yeah, is going to be another long one. Not to the length of The Days Go By, but not too far shy of it all things considered.

So yeah, between the cover, the "Special Edition!" tag, and this being the original stopping place, you can probably gather that this is going to be a major chapter. Been looking forward to this one since the story started, and the chapter so far Adam and I have both been very happy with.
18th Jun 2012, 12:46 AM
Adam C.
Yeah, this chapter marks a climax of sorts, the major confrontation that all the scenes with Power has been slowly building up to. It's one of those comics that got me super-hyped just from reading the scripts. Like, I couldn't wait to get started.

And yeah, original plan was that I'd stop drawing WaR after this chapter and do Blues. I used to be ungodly slow in doing these pages (the 13-page-prelude to WaR was drawn over the course of a year), and we just knew I couldn't draw two pages at once.

But as I sped up, I thought I could try and manage do four pages a week, and was able to alternate between Blues and WaR. And everyone was happy. ^^

Anyway, cover.... I really love the colors on this one, the way the all of Power's ne'er do wells are so bright and eye-catching. In particular I liked Power's little street-fighting outfight. Martin originally designed her in Create-A-Wrestler on Smackdown Vs. Raw, but didn't know what she looked like on that, so just came up with this.
18th Jun 2012, 12:52 AM
Martin F.
For the record there, usually I'd make her so she wears a suit to the ring a la Ted DiBiase (classic, not current), then underneath she usually wears some combination of black, blue, and pink with sort of a combination dragon / butterfly motif. Works there but wouldn't really fit what she is in the comic I don't think.