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Comic 189 - The Power Tower, Page 7

12th Jul 2012, 11:00 PM in 7. The Power Tower
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The Power Tower, Page 7
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Author Notes:

12th Jul 2012, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
And here's follow-up on that weirdness in the last chapter. Hopefully this'll do a bit to at least to let people get the idea of what exactly the point of that exchange was - if nothing else, as you can see it came out.

Speaking of, remember what I said about foreshadowing back in the bank with that shirt?


Yeah, it wasn't just foreshadowing the existence of the show - it was showing off this guy early, too. His last name's on display here, but going the full thing for ya now since it'll be a little bit before we see him again after this page - Rin Ukata.

Speaking of names, if you look at his inbox you'll spot a familiar one.
13th Jul 2012, 4:24 AM
Adam C.
I think was a big improvement over the last time we saw a character's inbox. Guess I'm getting better at formatting this sorta stuff. Who knew?

I had fun with the little details all over this page- the small headcount gave me a lot of time to work with that stuff. The stickers on the monitor and wall scroll were both Martin's idea, and I think the mousepad was too, but I'm miffed I couldn't come up with anything else on my own.

Though I did do the inbox, which was fun. Tells you a bit about the guy just from who's messaging him. I wann draw attention to Dr. Oliver- I originally put down another doctor's name since the character would probably communicate with a doctor pretty frequently. But a later page used a different name and I had to go back and change it on this one.