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Comic 190 - The Power Tower, Page 8

15th Jul 2012, 11:00 PM in 7. The Power Tower
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The Power Tower, Page 8
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Author Notes:

15th Jul 2012, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Hey, remember these two?

Ideally so, seeing as they've been in a few chapters each by now, but this is the first time seeing them alongside Alex with the first. Besides him spotting them in Days Go By anyway.

Not a whole lot to say on this one offhand, but I'm pretty happy with it. Feels a little weird having Starchild entering into Power's headquarters, given they've been kept pretty separate for the most part so far, but now he's here and things are moving.

I don't think I pointed this out a couple of pages ago, but you may have noticed that the Starchild costume has gained a belt. Just figured that was worth mentioning - probably be seeing the outfit be adjusted and changed a lot as things go.
16th Jul 2012, 1:57 AM
Adam C.
This was a bit intimidating for me as cityscape pictures are a pain and never look good. Likewise with cars. But it came out pretty nice here- I rather like the zoomed-out effect, it shows how isolated Alex is.

I really like the way this whole page is set up, again it was great from the scripts onward. The way Alex and Power have been dancing around in separate storylines until now makes him going into her headquarters really seem like a big deal. Especially when he's confronted the two enemies from Chapter 1. More on them Friday.