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Comic 217 - The Power Tower, Page 34

14th Oct 2012, 11:00 PM in 7. The Power Tower
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The Power Tower, Page 34
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Author Notes:

14th Oct 2012, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Really like how this page came out. It kinda got down the frantic, rushed feel Alex is going through. This, coupled with the last page's tackling of Sylvian kick highlights that he works fast in these situations.

You'll notice in the page where Weapon beats the crap out of Alex after he first comes down the stairs, he drops the monitor at the bottom. I think I forgot that detail and had to go back and add it after this page was drawn.
15th Oct 2012, 12:33 AM
Martin F.
Alex's plan involves making a baby cry? Whatever it is, surely it must be dastardly. Maybe Power got through to him after all.

Seriously though, yeah, pretty happy with this one. As Adam said think we managed to make it feel pretty frantic and chaotic, like Alex has only a brief window of opportunity and he's moving like mad to take advantage of it.