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Comic 230 - The Power Tower, Page 45

2nd Dec 2012, 10:00 PM in 7. The Power Tower
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The Power Tower, Page 45
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Author Notes:

2nd Dec 2012, 10:00 PM
Martin F.
So, let us tell you about this comic we've been planning called Blue Blood Heroes...

Heh. Yeah, originally the plan was for Blues to not start until after the initial Power storyline was finished at the conclusion of this chapter. Adam can go into further details on how it being bumped up to starting I think during chapter two if not the first, since this one also has story stuff I should really get into myself and I don't want these comments to be book-length.

So... Maybe this comic would've been more appropriate in May.

Yeah, I'm sure it's no surprise that Mother O'Hara's finally put in an appearance proper to close out this chapter, and not only because (at least on the Comic Fury side of things) I announced that a couple of weeks ago. After all, those two random Rin pages - man, it's been awhile since he's shown up - had to be going somewhere, and with Power out of the way for the moment it's time to move right on into a new storyline. Well, only in part a new storyline since there's been some build-up on this already, but you know what I mean.

As for the designs on O'Hara and the companion of hers that conspicuously has hair, they've been through some back-and-forth. Their actual outfits were only settled on recently, but their designs...


Yeah, Rin isn't the only one who showed up back in the first chapter, and this isn't the first time these two have been seen together. It does bare mentioning that O'Hara wasn't intended to look exactly like she does back when though - even then had the idea of her wearing a sleeveless coat and having her arms tattooed, but Adam went with the more simple, normal outfit seen here. Probably a good call, since even if it was featureless wearing something a bit more distinct might have drawn attention to her - though I'd have figured the tattoo on her neck might've done that anyway, so eh. Also can't help but wonder how different the tattoos would be if we saw them back when. Will go ahead and say that the fact that she and Rin were in the bank together when Starchild was there is a plot point, not just an early cameo for funsies.

As for her accompaniment, she put in an early appearance in chapter two, but looked pretty different. Mostly through being less bulky and having a more feminine hairstyle, plus she didn't have that unusual wooden armor. Probably not the same woman anymore, or something, but if you want a look for reference -


So, yeah. Pretty sure I wound up writing a book on this page anyway, but I tried to gist things a little. What's this about Stargirl? Stay tuned to figure out what it could mean! ... Or just use some deductive reasoning and realize she's talking about the anime we saw a bit of in the last chapter. Probably pretty obvious.

One more thing before I shut up - we're doing a cover for the second major storyline, as it were, come Friday, then on Monday we have a bonus page with some more information on the balance of power between the various major gangs in Atlanta, before we start chapter eight, Skeletons in the Closet, next Friday.
3rd Dec 2012, 2:20 AM
Adam C.
Wait... Shit, Martin knows I started Blue Blood Heroes behind his back. He must've realized it at some point while coloring nearly two hundred pages and counting.

Heheh... But yeah, originally this was gonna be my cut-off point. When we started up this comic... God, I still back in North Carolina and it took me a month to do a single page and I moped loudly and insufferably about some weird issues I had with the premise. Over that now, incidentally.

Idea was I would draw the comic until this chapter was kicking off. I already had plans to start Blue Blood Heroes by that point and figured it'd be good practice and with the established fanbase of WaR, we Blues would have a good start-off (we knew going in they'd share the same universe). Then with said established fanbase, Martin would be able to audition for a new artist.

Admittedly, expected our fanbase to be a tad bigger than it is by now. No offense guys- we absolutely love our fans. ^^ Just means I need to advertise more. When I get money.

Anyway, things slowly started to pick up in speed until one December after finals, I told Martin I wanted to try and get my comic production out to four comics a week. With WaR and Blues both updating twice a week, that would give me enough leeway to do both. And there we went. ^^

I actually did a couple of old, old Blues comics during that first try-out-period just to see if I could really do it or not that I've never posted. Huh. Maybe as filler sometime down the line.

So now I guess Martin's stuck with me. ^^


3rd Dec 2012, 12:26 AM
Okay, wow even with the neck tattoos being the same I don't think I ever would have realised that was Mother O'Hara if you hadn't pointed it out Martin and hey I was right I figured that tattooed arm shaving that person's head in the year 3 preview belonged to O'Hara and let me tell you I think she is the freakyist looking character in WaR(at least so far).
3rd Dec 2012, 5:26 PM
Martin F.
Heh. Wonder how long she might have that distinction - one of the two immediate answers to that question I have myself (though could always be someone else) was supposed to have debuted by now, but keeps getting pushed back. Mostly since they're not really relevant to things later and we were just going to get an early look.

But yeah, between the art style, the clothes, and the lack of a cane compared to here, probably not immediately obvious looking at O'Hara here that she appeared previously. Figured the year three preview was a pretty safe bet to be assumed to be her, though. Curious to hear your thoughts when we get to some of the other things from that.