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Comic 3 - Stars on the Water, Page 3

14th Oct 2010, 5:00 PM in Prologue: Stars on the Water
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Stars on the Water, Page 3
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Author Notes:

14th Oct 2010, 5:00 PM
Martin F.
Here we go, the last comic set in the Cocktail before the action gets moving. Kind of happy to get moving on - what was I thinking when I colored that place? I think somewhere along the way wires were crossed between "gay bar" and "60's love shack".

Not much else to say other than that I like that jacket on mysterious background blond. Something Adam threw in, but it's going to get carried over. It's a nice jacket.
14th Oct 2010, 5:53 PM
Adam C.
Heh... Actually, Martin, funny you should mention that about the Cocktail, it was my idea.

Remember? You were gonna start things on the next page with all the action and I was all, "No, it'd be weird to start the story off without knowing anything about Alex first" and got you do make the first three pages a little study on Alex's life up until that point? Yeah, not my best contribution to the comic. ^^

Didn't mind doing the Cocktail so much, though. The patrons look pretty terrible in my artstyle looking back but eh. Still liked it. I do have a problem with that mysterious blond in the last panel though, so will get to that next time.