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Comic 308 - Quiet, Page 5

17th Nov 2013, 11:00 PM in 10. Quiet
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Quiet, Page 5
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Author Notes:

17th Nov 2013, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Lot of places to pick from to start on this one... First off, yeah, Christina's role in this storyline isn't done with quite yet. The whys of this attack and her apparently beginning to grow hair, we'll go into in the next page.

That said, there in the first panel we have a nod toward Technical King, that show we've seen a poster for in Dorothy's room above her bed. I've sort of meant to more directly do stuff with this but I've had this idea in mind for awhile that Alex probably watched it (and other sci-fi shows Dorothy is big on, - been a planned aspect of her character for a long while) partially just to help to blend in as her but kind of became a fan of the genre in the process. We might go more into that later.

I have a few coloring notes on this one. First of all, initially I screwed up coloring the fight scene and had to have Adam tweak it a bit, since I had the guy Alex headbutted be someone different from who he turned around. I guess I saw it like he was shoving the guy out of the way, but realized it flows much better the way it is here so I had it fixed. Easier for him to get it than me since there's still a bit more work to be done after the pages are colored.

Also, you might notice some palette differences. Main things being that I made Dorothy's skin darker, again - that seems to be something happening in every chapter, but it's probably reached the point I'm satisfied with since it's pretty abundantly clear that her skin is much darker than most of the others - and I tweaked Lillian's hair color a bit. Though both of these things have already shown up where the two've been appearing in the current Black Princess chapter - BP might've started posting first but this chapter went into production before it.

Either way, as you can see, purple borders on this one. We'll largely be getting that in pages specifically focused on Alex's superheroing stuff, but for the pages he's in that are more from Laura's perspective we'll have green. Think I've said before, Alex is prominent in this chapter but not as much as her and Rin.
17th Nov 2013, 11:34 PM
Adam C.
Aaaand head count is roundabout 34-ish (fragments where you don't see the head I'm never sure how to count), which has to be the highest in the comic or damn near it. The highest in Blues, which usually has a much higher count, is 31, so this is probably a new record all around. I would say there might've been a want to top it in mind when writing, but when I bitched about the high count, Martin told me he didn't realize how big it would be. Plus putting that kind of count in just to top Blues would be outright sadistic.

Now, Alex having a bow in his hair though? That clearly was an attempt to mimic Lore and Sareena. ^^ Didn't add that myself, all Martin.

Actually, midway through drawing this got an idea for an alternate version of panel four, where Alex takes off and hands over his glasses and instead uses his backpack to bludgeon one of the skinheads. Think it could've worked, but eh. Didn't occur to me until the page was mostly drawn and Martin wasn't online to ask permission for anyway.

Through really, Alex doesn't give many shits about protecting Starchild's secret identity, does he? Wearing stars, pulls his hair down, and kicks ass without caring who's watching. Granted, he's protecting someone who's being ganged up on, and that's what heroes do so... withdrawn, I guess.

Christina was good to see again. Like how her look is distinct enough that she's recognizable even though her hair-cut is.... less than distinct among the cast. Helps she's wearing the same clothes as her last appearance.

Dialog in the first panel came out pretty cramped too. Usually when one panel has way more dialog than any other, I'm sure to fix it by way of making sure that panel is proportionately more "white space" for the speech bubbles, but because of all the panels in this page, it couldn't be that big. Still, nice to see Technical King get some references.

Think this is the first time we started doing the next style of glasses with Manga Studio. Namely giving them the top layer and making them semi-transparent. Thanks to the method switch from Paint, glasses have gone from a frustrating chore to the simplest thing ever. ^^
17th Nov 2013, 11:42 PM
Adam C.
Martin 10:38 pm
Huh, I don't think I added that bow.

Adam C 10:39 pm
..... Wait, no, I could've sworn it was in the script...

Martin 10:39 pm
One sec, lemme check.

Adam C 10:39 pm
Yup, in there. ^^

Martin 10:39 pm
Heh. Not really how I meant it now that I look, but not opposed. ^ ^

Adam C 10:40 pm
Huh... ^^ What'd you mean by it? Like a clip?

Martin 10:40 pm
Yeah, I just meant a band and just sort of put the wrong thing.

Adam C 10:41 pm
Huh. ^^ We should probably put this exchange in an author's comment or something.

Martin 10:41 pm
Couldn't hurt. ^ ^


17th Nov 2013, 11:50 PM
Well this is certainly an interesting turn of events, looking forward to hearing what the story is here.