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Comic 31 - When It's Wright... Page 17

6th Jan 2011, 5:00 PM in 1. When it's Wright...
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When It's Wright... Page 17
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Author Notes:

6th Jan 2011, 5:00 PM
Adam C.
And here's Candice. She won't be important until a few chapters from now, but I really like drawing kids so she was a welcome addition for me. Added in the thing with the kite 'cause I thought it'd be cute.

I remember I hadn't drawn Candice for months by this point, because my schedule on WaR was just picking up about now, so I was very impressed by how nicely she came out. Aside from the fact that she dresses like a grown woman, apparently. Her outfit isn't very kid-like.

Love that last panel. Alex just looks so shocked. ^^ Was worried how that'd come out, but I was pleased.
7th Jan 2011, 2:14 AM
Martin F.
In all honesty, the main reason for this scene is because Candice needed to be introduced and none of the next two or three chapters is a good time for it. She did already appear in one earlier page, though.

One funny thing about her necklace - concept art I did always had it as a Star of David, but Adam turned it into that heart pendant thing. Think I prefer the heart, stands out a little more.