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Comic 326 - Quiet, Page 21

23rd Feb 2014, 11:00 PM in 10. Quiet
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Quiet, Page 21
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Author Notes:

23rd Feb 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Seven more pages to 300, also meaning seven more to the end of the chapter. Yeah, I'll probably be keeping something of a countdown on that.

And it turns out Nick has a girlfriend. Named Jenny. Yeah, I swear that's just a coincidence and isn't some weird Blue Blood Heroes reference - those two've both been planned for years, plus the Nicky having a crush on Blues!Jenny thing was as mentioned back when it first popped up a fairly last-minute decision on Adam's part. Also half the time you'll probably see the WaR one called Jennifer.

Anyway, no need to dwell on her until she actually debuts, which will be very late in the chapter. Same for another character who has been sitting waiting for awhile - the two of them kind of needed to be introduced in this chapter just to lay the ground work for them (and it's where I've always intended to introduce them both) but neither gets all that much screentime just yet and it's really just some establishment for later. Again though, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Anyway, this page itself. I'm not sure how clearly it comes off, but I'm trying to get at the idea in the last panel that the Robinsons are trying to distract from the Starchild subject, by way of Eric abruptly kissing Lillian and Erin swiftly trying to smooth over the question. Not sure how well I conveyed that but just in case it's not clear.

The next couple of pages will both have scene changes, though we'll be sticking with Alex for both of them. We will be seeing Rin and O'Hara again before the chapter's out, just be a few weeks.

Oh, if you missed it, we posted a short story centered on Alex's relationship with Xandy and his role in Dorothy and Cathy's relationship on the DeviantArt mirror. It is canon, though nothing too important to the story proper, so if you want to give it a look and get a little extra time with the characters I'd go give it a glance.

God, hurry up and go live, WWE Network. I want my fix.
24th Feb 2014, 1:32 AM
Adam C.
If WaR!Jenny has pigtails or freakishly-long-legs, we're gonna have words.

God, production's slowed down; semester's been picking up for me. Already worried I might fail something, though I always think I'll fail at least one subject every semester, so guess there's nothing to be afraid of. Or maybe there is and that's why I am.

The group was all nice to do again. Feels like we don't see them very much, but then find the storylines with Starchild and Alex's past much more interesting than this so okay, then. Fairly sure they'll be turning up before the end of the chapter anyway.

Really can't wait for Page 300. Seriously, I did the script for the Blues 300 the other day and nowhere near as memorable.


24th Feb 2014, 1:39 AM
It is nice to see the group all together again, so when are we going to see Lindsay and Brian in the comic proper?
24th Feb 2014, 1:49 AM
Martin F.
Kind of hard telling - they'll definitely show up at some point, if only in some flashbacks down the line, but they don't really slot well into the story at hand. Still, I do have some plans for things involving them.