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Comic 337 - Height Chart

20th Apr 2014, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Height Chart
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Author Notes:

20th Apr 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
One of these seven is Keyser Soze. My money's on Xandy.

Yeah, this is just a bit of stray experimentation on our part, to try and be a little more precise with characters' heights. I should really make a full-on listing of how tall everybody is supposed to be so that we can try and keep it consistent from here, but for the purposes of the seven here -

Xandy - 3'8"
Candice - 4'4"
Dorothy - 5'5"
Sareena - 5'9"
Alex - 6'1"
Firefly - 6'7"
Weapon - 7'1"

They were selected mostly to give us a scaling level of height without too many big jumps (should've maybe stuck in Chloe - who's 4'10" - between Candice and Dorothy, but we didn't want this to be too cluttered) without too much regard for trying to fit every major character in or anything, thus no one like Misty or Laura since they don't fill any major voids in things. Though even though Paul's supposed to be taller than Weapon, we went for him as the extreme for the chart since he's more fun to draw.

Speaking of, I haven't ever actually worked in the explanation for Power happening to have two giants working under her, have I? Been meaning to fit it in somewhere, probably still will come up eventually, but essentially the idea is that Weapon met Paul at some sort of convention for people with gigantism, they learned of each other's illegal activities, and Paul wound up joining Power's organization as a result.

We intended to work in a bust chart as a part of all of this filler to go with this, but never got around to it. Probably see that eventually, since it is something we need to get in some practice on.

Surprised I had this much to say on this. Be sure to swing by Friday for a very special (though artistically pretty basic) filler about something upcoming, then next Tuesday we'll get the next chapter started!
21st Apr 2014, 4:16 AM
Adam C.
Did admittedly sorta wanna add some Blues characters to it just to see where they'd fall, but I really hate adding characters from Blues into WaR filler. Besides, seven was a very easily-manageable headcount. Think Lore and Lenore are about as tall as Xandy, Andy and Nicky are a bit taller, and Grant, Heather, Jenny, and Valerie are taller than Candice. Jake is probably between Sareena and Alex.

I really did need something to help me be consistent about this since sometimes this could fluctuate a good bit. Still, drawing to scale felt so impossibly weird for me. Xandy in particular feels like she should be way tinier. It'll take some getting used to but will watch it in the future.

Related to the feeling weird, I'm not really pleased with the proportions in places here; cleaned it up but feels wonky to me, especially on Alex, Firefly, and Weapon. Couldn't fuss over proportions too much when I was really trying to focus on getting the heights more or less exact. Again, should be able to handle that better in the future.

Feel a bit miffed Weapon got such a downgrade, but eh. Did sorta sink in last time I drew him he was sorta too big to really handle a lot of normal, day-to-day activities like Ben Grimm or something.

..... Heh. Just realized; Weapon probably sounds like Andre The Giant. Good luck unhearing that.
21st Apr 2014, 4:20 AM
Martin F.
Possibly to some degree on that list bit - I'd say he probably got surgery for that early enough but part of the reason Andre slurred so much (and why Great Khali's basically incomprehensible) is because his tongue was oversized so it was hard to speak. Neither of them being a native English speaker doesn't exactly help, of course.


21st Apr 2014, 2:26 PM
Andre The Giant played the role of the giant in "The Princess Bride". and how tall does one have to be for them to have gigantism?
24th Apr 2014, 11:56 PM
Martin F.
I don't think there's any specific height needed to qualify, given it's a muscular issue I believe and causes the whole body to grow rapidly, not just height-wise.