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Comic 351 - Red, White, and Blue, Page 11

13th Jul 2014, 11:00 PM in 11. Red, White, and Blue
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Red, White, and Blue, Page 11
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Author Notes:

13th Jul 2014, 7:40 AM
Martin F.
Starchild: Costume? Is that what this is about? You just see me on the street and decide you really hated my clothes or something?
O'Hara: Of course not. You'll work for something I'm planning.
Starchild: So how exactly did you learn of me? I'm not exactly well known.
O'Hara: I've been there ever since you started. I was there the first time you put that costume on. I would assume anyway, given you had to think up a name on the steps outside afterward.

Starchild: Well, you should know that whatever it is you want with me, you've picked a losing fight. Whatever it is you're up to, I'll be seeing to it nothing you're planning works out and you wind up behind bars where people like you belong.
O'Hara: For what?

O'Hara: I've been very careful about what I'm doing. It's rare that I give any sort of direct orders to my children, and when I do, I try to either keep it vague or ensure I'm not being recorded. Any recordings of me that do exist I've tracked down and destroyed.
Starchild: You're still making it clear that a group of people are vandalizing things all over town in your name.
O'Hara: In my name, yes. But the Beatles didn't get the blame for Manson, did they? Some people may have "misunderstood" my teachings, but the rest of this city will soon come to bed a little more understanding of them.
Starchild: So you're throwing the people who have actually made your name known by doing your bidding under the bus?

O'Hara: Who said anything about doing that? I love my children and do not condemn them, but that does not mean I must approve of everything they do. Many of them are adults, after all, and the ones that aren't are still able to think for themselves. And even if I was just using them, why would I ever come out and say it?
Starchild: People in power would still happily do anything they can to hang you. Especially after what you pulled today.
O'Hara: Trust me. If anyone did dare to try and arrest me, they'd just validate my cause. I would have a legendary legal team behind me, I assure you.
Starchild: Hm, given your apparent connections, I won't argue it. But do you really think you can be as obvious and direct as you were today and not expect to get killed for it?

O'Hara: Do it. Kill me now. Go ahead, if that's what you're here for. Do it.
Starchild: Please. Even if that were my style, I wouldn't do it because after that stunt you pulled today it'd just make it look like there are people in this town trying to suppress opposition by any means necessary. You're not fooling me with false courage.
O'Hara: What's false about it? There are some stupid, short-sighted people in this world.

O'Hara: As for what it is I'm planning... Why don't you swing by the press conference the Monroes are having on the 17th? You'll see well why people should be taking me seriously. Why, be it by choice or by force, every knee in this city will bend before me. Just be warned that if you try to interfere, you'll get to see why all throughout Europe people fear the name Moira McShay. She --
Starchild: I'm not afraid of your bodyguard. I'll be there.

???: Well, personally, I can't say I fear, or know, the name, but Europe's a big place, isn't it?
13th Jul 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
God, this is a lot of dialogue... Okay, starting now is when we'll be getting this feature I've been wanting to implement for awhile of putting transcripts of the dialogue in the comments. I'll need to go through and edit that into the previous pages at some point, will try that soon enough. It's a thing I saw used in Sandra & Woo and Gaia, though Gaia seems to have dropped it for some reason, that I really liked and so I decided to start using it in my comics. Don't expect the switch to be immediate since, y'know, this'll take awhile.

So, commenting on this page itself then... Really I think the last panel is what most jumps out to me about it. Anyone have any guesses yet as to just what the deal might be with this girl?

Either way, yeah, we'll get more with her later. So, O'Hara! This is the last we see of her in the chapter, though McShay will be popping up later. As this scene really kind of hammers in, Alex's clash with O'Hara and McShay is coming up sooner rather than later. Not that it'll be in this chapter, but it'll be soon.

I like the way O'Hara came out in this page, art-wise. She just seems really laid back and casual yet still irritatingly smug. We don't really get many direct shots of her but even in the small bits she has a good look to her.

Heh. Funny thing, this page and to a much lesser extent the next one are very wordy, while the next two Black Princess pages have no dialogue. Guess WaR took all the words.
13th Jul 2014, 11:20 PM
Adam C.
Damnit, I just accidentally closed the window after typing my comments....

But yeah, I pay pretty close attention to the dialog in each page myself, since I gotta do the balloons for them (and make sure there's space for the balloons).

There's another clue about that girl at least; she's European. I can't even tell if that'll help figure out who she is given something about her identity I can't mention without making it a give-away. Oh, fuckit, I might as well spoil it; she's Spencer's grandmother. Looks younger than she is.

.... Heh. Just spotted an oversight in the coloring. Will fix it real quick, by the time most people read this it'll be gone. ^^


13th Jul 2014, 11:32 PM
You heard that so you've been using the name Stargirl when you knew all along that the correct name was Starchild, O'Hara you are an evil manipulative freak of nature.