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Comic 371 - Wright as Rayne & Black Princess Redesigns Collection

16th Nov 2014, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Wright as Rayne & Black Princess Redesigns Collection
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Author Notes:

16th Nov 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Think the disclaimer about the quality on some of these and the learning curve over the course of them pretty well sums up that aspect, so other matters...

Yeah, if you've been following our weekly bonus content on the DeviantArt mirror you've already seen most of these - the modified Ivy, Alex, McShay, and Misty as well as the previously not shown (though mentioned) Flower, Patricia, Christina, and Jack are all that'll really be new to you. But I'd figure there have to be at least some of you reading you don't tend to take a look at that or may not even be aware of it (unless you're reading this on DA, in which case... Well, enjoy the new ones at least), and regardless, it's good to show them off and really hammer in the concept before we start the next chapter.

Yes, I know Dorothy, Sarabeth, Lillian, Xmarlek, Hazel, and Jordan have already been shown in motion while Sareena, Misty, and Ana are in the new art style in the new BP logo, shut up. Speaking of, if you're wondering, new WaR logo is going up next week. Obviously with the redesigns we can't keep with the same style of one we've been using.

Doing Flower and Christina together was actually a good call, since the idea on both is that they have Middle Eastern lineage and it gave us a good chance to find two very different ways to take that. Gaining an awareness of racial characteristics has been a boon in doing this, it's been one of the big things we've been drawing on.

There probably will be some more sets of these going up on DA here and there for awhile, though this covers the vast majority of the characters in the next chapters of both comics (not to say everyone here is in them). The remainder off the top of my head is mostly just the rest of the Monroe family which Adam might just do when he needs to draw them; remember DeGroot? He shows up in the BP chapter at the start and since we hadn't redesigned him Adam just whipped something up on the spot, so yeah, consider him at least one who'll be a surprise. Though you'll barely be able to see him there anyway.

I really wasn't expecting this to give me this much material... If you want to see our thoughts on each individual set, check out http://wright-as-rayne.deviantart.com (unless you're already reading there), we've been posting them batch by batch there. With the exception of that one as mentioned, which might actually be my favorite of them. We'll need to post a link to the full-sized version of it since shrunken down a bit like it is here you miss some details like Jack's fangs being more obvious - I'll handle that later. And yeah, Christina has some hair now; really jumping the gun on it being quite that thick I guess from when it was just peach fuzz what would have been a couple of weeks before, but that's comic time for ya - maybe her hair just grows fast. That's about as long as it's going to get if you're wondering so yeah, be used to that look.

I'll shut up now, but if you're wondering about Blues redesigns - yes, we've done two batches of them, we'll show at least the leads off before the next chapter starts.

Wait, wait, one more thing! If you're wondering who the hell Brick Leston is, he's the villain of the next BP chapter. Which'll be pretty obvious on seeing the cover for it given it features him. And unlike a lot of BP's villains like the Twilight Minister he probably will be appearing in WaR eventually.
17th Nov 2014, 12:39 AM
Adam C.
Ughhhh.... Damnit, I promised I'd get these for Martin, then overslept so he had to handle it. Whatever, lemme get to commenting....

.... God, where do I start? I can't go into all of them. Okay, yes, I did put a lot of them in loose-fitting clothes or underwear, but the re-designs factors body types and the like into account. Hence why Xmarlek, Jack, John and Brick Leston, whose torsos were re-designed along with everything else, are shirtless. I did feel sorta pervy putting up ones like Laura and Miss Brooks but enjoyed the work. Incidentally, the first version of Sareena was in her bra and panties too, but had to re-do her since she didn't look quite right. Likewise, Hazel's re-design was heavily dependent on his clothing, hence why he's the fully dressed.

Say of the lot, my favorites are Alex, Brick, Power, McShay, and Jack. Oh, and Moon. ^^ Lot of weird stuff went on with Moon.

Do hope you guys enjoy.... Heh. This is probably the first part of the overhaul where I've felt nervous. I've loved every other step, including putting the re-designs into the comics proper, but now pretty apprehensive on revealing 'em all at once here. ^^ Do hope at least a few people enjoy. It's one of the bigger steps we're taking to improve the artwork.


17th Nov 2014, 12:58 AM
This is kind of jarring but I'll get used to it.
17th Nov 2014, 4:36 PM
Martin F.
Heh, hope so. Hoping you'll be pleased with seeing it in action, we've been happy with how it's been coming out.