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Comic 372 - Sound Alive

23rd Nov 2014, 11:00 PM in 12. Sound Alive
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Sound Alive
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Author Notes:

23rd Nov 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Man, are we happy with this cover. Which is especially pleasing because we came up with the idea basically right before doing it - I had the idea for awhile of something similar on the church theme with commissioning the artist for Second Chances to do a picture of O'Hara in one, but not talked to her in awhile. Not sure where she is.

Still though, I'm very happy with how this one came out as said. Really helps that we've been becoming more familiar with certain side features of Manga Studio, in this case how to mirror things in a more practical way. Saved a lot of time and helped make this a much better-looking background than it might otherwise have been. Speaking of, this church...


As you can probably tell from the URL, we did based this on an actual church in Atlanta. Not quite beat-for-beat - trying to copy it directly would not have worked for the sort of angle we were looking for for the page - but the general look and aesthetic is there.

So yeah, if it weren't clear between the dialogue at parts in the last chapter, the ending of it, this cover, and the Special Edition tag, we're getting the big showdown between Alex and McShay on O'Hara's behalf here. How will it go down? You shall see.

Not sure what else I've really got here admittedly, but yeah, hopefully everyone enjoys this cover and the chapter to come. What does the title mean? You'll find out in the chapter, so stay tuned.
23rd Nov 2014, 11:15 PM
Adam C.
Yeah, we're very excited about this cover. ^^ Probably one of the best we've ever done for any of the comics; the stained glass windows, the alter, just everything came together really well. ^^ We're hoping to be hitting a new stride for the comics, hope we'll manage to wow one or two of you folks.

I really liked getting to do the window motifs; tried to be interesting with them. O'Hara's fits her "false prophet" ideas, boasting the halo around her head common in blessed figures in that art style, but with the four horsemen and false crown at her feet. Martin even made sure when coloring the four hoses than one is a pale-horse. Awesome. ^^ For McShay's... Heh... I guess we'll get to hers.

But yeah, tried to get the stuff on the church close, think it came out pretty good. The stuff Martin showed me went a long way to making it easy to work.

Only really major thing is that orginally, Alex was suppose to be slumped over the alter at the bottom, like he'd passed out. I think I misheard it but we both like the idea of him being laid out like a sacrifice a lot more.

Yeah, awesome cover. ^^ It just makes you wanna keep reading, doesn't it?


23rd Nov 2014, 11:34 PM
Amazing cover guys, is Ivy League in this chapter?
24th Nov 2014, 12:04 AM
Martin F.
Yeah, she pops up.