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Comic 378 - Sound Alive, Page 5

28th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM in 12. Sound Alive
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Sound Alive, Page 5
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Author Notes:

28th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
First off, Adam and I have started a new podcast series discussing various webcomics. You can take a listen to the first episode, discussing Misfile, right here -


Man, it just smacked me hard in setting this up how slowly production on the comics has been moving lately. I'm setting this up a day in advance but as of right now we haven't done a new WaR page in at least a week, which is kind of worrisome.

So yeah, since production has been slow, no weekend update for next month I'm afraid. We need to do some catching up but with Adam through with class we should be able to start getting ahead on that sooner rather than later.

And hey, Lillian! Yeah, she'll be central to the next few pages. Really a late addition, this scene, but I am really happy with how it's come out and hopefully everyone else will enjoy what's coming as well. Probably not hard to guess that what's coming was set up by her page between-chapters; that was written after this sequence had been so yeah, directly intended as a lead-in to it.

Not sure what else I've got here, think most anything that comes to mind would be better suited to being discussed in the coming days. Hope everyone enjoys and has a happy new year!
28th Dec 2014, 11:21 PM
Adam C.
Yeah, I've been trying to step up production, man. Reason I get tunnel-vision for the comics in drawing is that this shit does legitimately prey on my mind.

That's.... kinda all I got to say, really. Page doesn't lend itself to much. Shadowing following Alex doesn't even come out that obvious. Page is still good, at least. Feeling better and better about cars.


28th Dec 2014, 11:25 PM
This is going to be an interesting conversation, looking forward to the next page.