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Comic 430 - Wright as Rayne's Fifth Anniversary

9th Oct 2015, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Wright as Rayne's Fifth Anniversary
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Author Notes:

9th Oct 2015, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Year six preview's a bit more general than years past... and also a bit more festive.

Yeah, within the next year we'll be having a Halloween chapter. This does contain at least one hint on that in that in that these'll be the costumes everyone's wearing when that chapter comes up. Anyone wanna guess at who's who based on this? A hint... Three of the four have been in animated form at some point or another but only one originated there.

And of course, we're not done with O'Hara just yet. Wanted to put the focus on her with this one in some way, just to show that the Hazel and Mercy stuff and the merger aren't cutting into the arc there. She's probably not going to be in the current chapter, but that arc will most definitely continue.

It's been a busy year, between the BP merger and the end of the second book, plus just some big plot stuff in general, but the one upcoming should have a lot to talk about too. For one thing we're a few weeks away from what, between the two comics and under the new numbering, will be the 700th page, though don't get too hyped for it, not really doing too much special for it since under the circumstances don't really see it as that huge a deal. Not far removed from BP's 300th and WaR's 350th after all - we'll probably get a more proper celebration at the eventual 800th page, which we should be hitting right around next year's anniversary.

Still, do have some big things coming over the next year and some very different types of stories on the way. Hopefully everyone enjoys and keeps on reading as we move into year six!
9th Oct 2015, 11:37 PM
Adam C.
Heheh... This one was REALLY last minute. Every now and then for the past two weeks we'd say to each other, "Oh, hey, any ideas for the anniversary picture?" and then toss something back and forth lightly before figuring, "Eh, got a while, will get to it soon. Then this morning one of us notes "Oh, hey how long until the anniversary picture?"

Yeah, silhouette forms here are partially because they're a lot more quick to do than full-on ones. That and we really don't wanna spoil the costumes BEFORE we get to the Halloween chapter. Really like what we came up with for 'em. Which is impressive since this morning we also had to rush what costumes were gonna be worn by Misty and Ana.

Pity, I sorta wanna tease the costumes more but be mortified if I dropped hints and you guys figured 'em out. ^^ Either way, Halloween and O'Hara are in the future.

For the record, yeah. We're still doing a Blues group-costume this Halloween. Pretty set in stone what it'll be but any ideas on future ones?


10th Oct 2015, 12:00 AM
This is neat, looking forward to learning more about all this, how about dressing the kids up as Final Fantasy characters?
11th Oct 2015, 10:39 PM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Not a huge Final Fantasy fan, but might work. .... Huh. Actually, I think there's just the right number to do Chrono Trigger...