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Comic 46 - When It's Wright... Page 32

27th Feb 2011, 6:00 PM in 1. When it's Wright...
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When It's Wright... Page 32
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Author Notes:

27th Feb 2011, 6:00 PM
Adam C.
Take a shot for how Starchild's Thigh-Stars disappear in the third panel.

Ugh.... Not much to say about this without embarrassing myself. I still got a way to go when drawing action scenes, obviously. At least I remembered what ear Paul's earring is on in this one. And I do like the shot with Alex on his back.
27th Feb 2011, 6:06 PM
Martin F.
And because I used "take" instead of "bring" in the first panel, the Rob Zombie reference is lost. Ah well.

I like the back spikes idea on the costume, though the way they're positioned on the shoulders they have to like totally slide into a different position to get there. Still, looks decent.

Reminds me to mention that the star in the whole on the front was added by Adam. In designing the costume was picturing it more as the green opening into a curved part that showed off some clevage.

Which, if you stick around, you'll see there's a reason for.