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Comic 535 - Wright As Rayne's Sixth Anniversary

9th Oct 2016, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Wright As Rayne's Sixth Anniversary
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Author Notes:

9th Oct 2016, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Fresh off the presses, here's the Anniversary pic. ^^ Few hints on things to come, hope folks are curious.

In particular the thing I'm most eager for here are Alex apparently hanging out more with Laura's cousin Chris. Really enjoyed getting to draw the latter. Though do like how Alex is also apparently pretty into it.

Likewise was curious trying to figure out what Paxton would wear on a romantic date. Went with a Miami Vice style blazer-over-shirt. Also a few cuts on his face from shaving off his stubble.
9th Oct 2016, 11:05 PM
Martin F.
Woo, sixth anniversary! Yay!

We'll be doing a double update on Friday to make up for this, just editing the next two pages together. They don't flow together quiiite as well as the previous page and the next one would have, but what are you going to do. We want the chapter to end when it's due to end for reasons that'll become clear soon so need to get an extra in there somehow.

That said, anniversary! Yeah, Chris hasn't shown up since his introduction, closest being Alex bringing him up in Shopping Star, but that won't last for too long because he is in the next chapter and shows up early into it. Though this is showing off more of the chapter after that given last year spotlighted the Halloween one. Yeeeeah, missing the mark a little from the anniversary on that one but not too hugely so, this current chapter is very nearly done. We'll be seeing the costumes shown off that cover just a few weeks off from when it was projected, not bad for the past few chapters running a bit longer than planned.

Not sure what else I've got right now, but hopefully everyone enjoys. It feels like on an artistic level this has been a big year for the comic and hopefully that keeps up going forward.

Awful lot of glasses in this page. Kind of funny.


9th Oct 2016, 11:13 PM
Very interesting, looking forward to learning more about all of this.