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Comic 570 - The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 27

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The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 27
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Author Notes:

9th Feb 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
While less visually remarkable than the last page, I had a lot of fun and tried to put a lot of thought into this one.

Alex is a character I really like, and I've always felt really bad for the guy and the position he's trapped in. Cut off from his old life, living someone else's while not being able to be there for the people he loves and never knowing if things will go alright for him again. While he's coping well and trying to look on the bright side, whenever something happens that reminds him of just how fucked up his current position is (Dorothy being attacked out of costume, Xandy being sent out-of-state, that TV program) you can see how it gets to him.

The thing about him is that even though he's got a reputation as a badass, I always kinda saw Alex as soft-hearted where it counts. Not that he's not tough; if he wasn't he wouldn't've gotten through things this far, but he's got a soft side that always felt more apparent to me than your typical stoic tough guy.

When drawing this page, I tried to really show the pain he gets in those moments, what with not seeing his face, having to steel himself back up after that "interview" hit him so hard. Just really wanted to use the shots and angles of the scene to convey how hard this can be for him sometime, and remind everyone the kind of bullshit he needs to get through. As such wound up being one of my favorite pages of the chapter; just two people talking but gives us good insight into one of my favorite characters for the comics.

We see a bit of Sareena's guilt over the subject too. Like Alex, she seems to cope with the situation by just trying not to think about it, but when she's given a reminder she feels pretty guilty. Granted, I don't find her too sympathetic myself (she kinda SHOULD feel guilty), but is nice to see an apology mentioned. Actually totally forgot she said she was sorry at one point.

Heh... I can't recall if we got into this before, but that last panel... Originally there wasn't a plan to do a Blue Blood Heroes Halloween chapter alongside this one. We were just going to have a gag at one point in this chapter where Alex or someone would offhandedly mention Xandy was dressing up like him for Halloween, then have a Family-Guy-style cutaway to the Blues school where everyone was going through wacky hijinks at the school Halloween party, then cut back. I think we eventually just got more and more ideas for that one cut-away and decided to do an entire chapter about it.
9th Feb 2017, 11:19 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, I do really like whenever I can really explore Alex's take on the whole situation and really delve into it. For the most part I feel like he kind of does what Candice was accusing him of in the last chapter of kind of just slotting into Dorothy's life and really kind of living it as his own, but I also kind of feel like on a level he probably has to do that to survive.

Waaaaaay back the first time I tried having WaR run with a different artist in like 2005 or 2006, something like that, I planned to play Alex a bit more actively mopey about the whole thing initially, but I think the more brave face and kind of casual but able to be riled up by it under the right circumstances works a lot better and really helps make him feel more three dimensional.

On the subject of the Xandy thing... Initially the joke was basically going to be a comment that Xandy was dressed as Alex then a cutaway to Grant critiquing that she needed blue contacts to pull it off since their eyes are different colors. It just kind of spun out from there and eventually we decided to make a Blues Halloween chapter out of it, since the schedules kind of lined up for doing these together and the plans for the current Blues chapter needed something to go with them to kind of bring it all together and give a bit more of a spark to the story.

Incidentally I'm pretty sure within the context of Wright as Rayne itself this is the first time the Twilight Minister's crew has actually been alluded to. We'll see them again relatively soon most likely, got some plans in place for something with them, but there hasn't really been a place to bring it up. Also kind of funny that Alex is totally unaware here that he was actually involved in that whole situation himself because one of the parts when the delusion fell was him knocking on Sareena's door. Can check the Sunset Princess chapter of Black Princess if you want to see how that whole situation went down, though the door knocking side of that exchange was actually shown within Quiet.

Adam and I've had a good few debates on the subject of Sareena's culpability in the whole matter, incidentally. Both pretty much agree she's at fault but personally I'm on the side that it's on Sarabeth a lot more than it is on her.

And hey, little bit more touching in on the Umuntos Seed plot point, also always good. Already established Sareena didn't know what it was when she got it so it's not really anything new, but I do at least like keeping it a point of discussion every now and then.


9th Feb 2017, 11:41 PM
The picture in the last panel is so cute, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.