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Comic 580 - Filler: A Few Distinctions

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Filler: A Few Distinctions
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Author Notes:

16th Mar 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Xandy and Lenore have had a big night; they've been appearing in a lot of fillers on top of having more screen-time then they're used to. Edward's covering for them while they get a quick nap. ^^

Yeah, in spite of just being a really quick filler mostly driven by dialog, was still a lot of fun to draw. We were able to do Edward and Marina again after having not seen them in a while, and just do some fun visuals. My favorite's probably Gengar and Guin apparently in the middle of telling each other bad jokes.

The original script Martin sent was just the dialog and a picture of Edward, so was just allowed to draw whatever to get the point across. Martin threw in that gag with Edward's shadow and fixed Marina's hair to be more accurate to how she actually looks.

For the record, no idea how blue bloods would do with magic or if they're any more inclined toward it than normal people. Like, no idea.
16th Mar 2017, 11:05 PM
Martin F.
Had a close call on this one - before I was done coloring it my Internet went out and had a question up in the air of whether Adam should go ahead and color it or not. Ultimately it came back on in time for me to wrap it up.

But yeah, hopefully everyone enjoys this one. Wanted to try and give some real information with this filler and make it a bit more informative about the world of the comic - it was either that or a different script I wrote that had Lenore and Xandy going into some details of the very, very beginning of WaR's conception and the radically different form it could've taken. Probably still do that at some point but I preferred this one, there's more meat to it plus it ties into the power scanner thing that Paxton showed to Laura a few pages back.

Funny that Adam included Xandy and Lenore, since initially I kicked around including them in the script as tied up behind Edward while he took over, but thought it might raise the head count too much.

Does this count as Power appearing in the chapter after all?


16th Mar 2017, 11:18 PM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.