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Comic 618 - A Man And A Woman- Page 3

27th Jul 2017, 11:00 PM in 17. A Man and a Woman
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A Man And A Woman- Page 3
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Author Notes:

27th Jul 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Again, awkward as FUCK date here. ^^ They never even look at each other at the same time; whenever one looks at the other, the other is looking away. Paxton wondering about touching her but can't, Paxton casually mentions poverty, Ana admits she's taking "What if he's a rapist" precautions.... Yeah.

The suit thing gets a bit more light shed on it as we see Paxton's money situation (or lack thereof) mentioned. There was amention in a previous chapter that he really doesn't particularly like the Patriot Initiative but genuinely needs the money and might potentially be on the street otherwise.

One thing I do like about Paxton is that he doesn't really disguise being an asshole. He fully accepts that taking precautions against him knowing where she lives is a reasonable decision (normally I'd think that'd be a really rude thing to say on a first date but given Paxton's behavior he probably expected it). Hell, he clearly doesn't care very much for his bosses in the Patriot Initiative, but it seems like less because they're racist, jingoists bullies, and more because they're putting a much-needed cap him acting like an impulsive dick.

Actually, Paxton being impulsive constantly is probably why, even though he's been with the Patriot Initiative for.... I dunno how time works but get the feeling he's worked for them a couple of months. Either way, he's a guy I could see being pretty terrible with money.
28th Jul 2017, 12:37 AM
Martin F.
Yeah, this is pretty much just supposed to be one big awkward thing. Of course it would be, given their previous meeting really just consisted of Ana awkwardly watching him be crazy and then her in her normal form not even being the one to actually accept the date. Of course she's antsy about this.

Guess it is kind of a page that doesn't really accomplish anything narratively, but I do think it does help ratchet up the character stuff a tad and is just a fun page in is own right. Hopefully readers agree.

We'll be turning over to the Alex and Chris plot next page. Let's hope that date isn't quite as awkward, huh?


28th Jul 2017, 12:44 AM
Oh poor Ana she's going to be stuck feeling awkward all day, wonder what Alex and Chris are up to.