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Comic 744 - Fire Night, Page 17

7th Oct 2018, 11:00 PM in 20. Fire Night
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Fire Night, Page 17
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Author Notes:

7th Oct 2018, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heh. Got work in twenty, will comment when I get back. ^^
7th Oct 2018, 11:56 PM
Martin F.
First off - be sure to swing by Wednesday for the 8th anniversary picture!

One thing I've been really trying to emphasize with McShay is that she really isn't a terrible person - maybe not an especially GOOD one, but she does have her limits. Figure there's really no bad blood between her and Alex despite how badly they've hurt each other at this point.

No clue if McShay and Alex were actually will fight again, at least onscreen, but for the moment, yeah, McShay will probably be relegated to cameos at the gym, which I do want to show up more regularly from here on out. I say before the next chapter more than likely won't have it, funny enough.

Kind of funny. Back during Storms Are Brewing I actually wanted McShay to drop in at the gym, but I just couldn't find a decent place to fit it in. Hey, at least she eventually made it there I guess.

One other thing to note is that if you've been following Blue Blood Heroes, you've probably seen that the kids have as of a few pages ago gone public. I kind of wanted to have a comment alluding to that in regards to the idea of McShay becoming a hero, but I didn't know when this would be going up in relation to that so I chose to leave it out.
8th Oct 2018, 12:51 AM
Adam C.
I really struggled to think of a good, kitchy name to give this gym but couldn't come up with a decent rain/storm pun for exercise. Sure there's a great one I just haven't thought of.

Either way, do like the idea of Alex's gym being a sort of weird "base" for the growing crew; makes a lot of sense for the guy. And McShay is the sort of character who'd easily walk in and out even if she's not typically on her side. Keep her nice and aloof.

Am really curious how/when details on the Blues going public will come up in WaR. Can think of some fun responses certain characters would have for it. ^^


8th Oct 2018, 2:08 AM
You forgot the t in that's in the forth panel, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
9th Oct 2018, 6:50 AM
Adam C.
Got it. ^^ Thanks a lot.