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Comic 77 - The Black Flame

17th Jun 2011, 12:00 AM in 3. The Black Flame
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The Black Flame
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Author Notes:

17th Jun 2011, 12:00 AM
Martin F.
Chapter get!

Funny enough, this chapter is starting just as it comes to a conclusion - only one page left undrawn on this one before we get moving into the next one.

Still, this one is one that I'm really hoping people enjoy. Had fun writing it, have liked seeing the pages come in for it, and it's an idea that has waited around long enough. It started out, when I was originally giving WaR a shot, as a supplemental story I was going to write to show off some of the cast, but things changed and were expanded to the point that this is much more fit to be in proper continuity.
17th Jun 2011, 12:33 AM
Adam C.
Yeah, summer job hunt was a disappointing punch to my pride, so I'm way ahead on my drawing since it's basically all I've been doing since the start of my break. By Sunday the very last page of this chapter will have already been drawn, suck, and be rendered good because of Martin's colors.

But yeah, think this is my favorite chapter thus far. ^^ There were no characters I really dreaded drawing and often had very low head-counts. Plus I got to do some cool special effects and take on characters who are particularly fun to handle. Also there's a Blues nod!

Yeah, great when with this chapter. ^^