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Comic 774 - Loving Family, Page 18

17th Jan 2019, 11:00 PM in 21. Loving Family
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Loving Family, Page 18
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Author Notes:

17th Jan 2019, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heh... Really tired but liked doing this page; Marina and Ella continue to be a lot of fun. ^^
17th Jan 2019, 11:16 PM
Martin F.
Pretty happy with this page but admittedly it's not the easiest one to comment on. Pretty much just setting up for leading into the main action, although be a couple more pages before we actually get there.

Few things I wanted to communicate with it - how the Patriot Initiative still is trying to make it all about themselves, Ella's kind of simultaneous ability to get things done but lack of forethought in doing so, working Marina's name into the dialogue since I don't think it'd actually come up within WaR itself yet... Page certainly has its purposes.

Misty backing down like this might come off a little odd, but next page will explain on that one. Been really trying to use this chapter to show off just how levelheaded and savvy she can be.
18th Jan 2019, 2:04 AM
Adam C.
Yeah, jeez, how do you comment on this one.... Not a lot to say, mostly remember enjoying Ella's expressions and her ability to both be really competent and incompetent at the same time. Weird ability her and her sister seem to have.

Sorta all I got, really. Hope you folks enjoy. ^^


18th Jan 2019, 2:18 AM
Very interesting, wonder what Misty's got in mind.