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Comic 838 - Filler: Burn Baby Burn

29th Aug 2019, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Filler: Burn Baby Burn
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Author Notes:

29th Aug 2019, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, Martin threw this one out and I knew instantly how I wanted to take it. I really loved the original 1970s Wicker Man, especially the music and Christopher Lee's performance. Martin threw out the idea of Xandy screaming about bees while Lenore sang, and went right for it. ^^ .... Now I just wanna listen to the Wicker Man soundtrack.

The original Wicker Man is just such a good movie.... And despite the gruesome subject matter, it's not REALLY a horror movie. It's not quite scary, more just tragic. I could... sort of see Lenore's super-European parents showing it to her just to make her more familiar with this particular piece of culture and ideas. .... Screw the soundtrack, now I just wanna re-watch the whole movie...

As for the Nicholas Cage film, I've seen highlight reels and heard the memes and everything, but never seen the whole flick. I liked the idea of that being all Xandy's seen as well, while Lenore's clearly into the 70s version and hamming her role up with gusto. ^^ Lot of fun pulling this one off.
29th Aug 2019, 11:27 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, this one came out of how wildly different the two versions of Wicker Man are - one is an overall sad, eerie musical, the other has a guy in a bear suit punching women and screaming about bees. Quite a gap there.

Not a gigantic amount to say but am hoping that everyone enjoys this one. Next chapter's coming together at the moment and we're super happy with the results so far, hopefully everyone's going to have fun when we get there.


30th Aug 2019, 11:38 PM
This is really cute and what other scary movies have both Xandy and Lenore had seen?
31st Aug 2019, 12:22 AM
Very interesting, wonder what the next one will be.