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Comic 855 - Happy Halloween 2019

27th Oct 2019, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Happy Halloween 2019
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Author Notes:

27th Oct 2019, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, sorry, little bit of a last minute decision to go with this instead of the next page - not that we're necessarily down to the wire on pages or anything or especially need the break, but we could use it so long as we're focusing on some other projects, plus I've been wanting to start doing Halloween filler on Wright as Rayne anyway. Blues lends itself more to it than WaR does given the more focused ensemble stars but at the same time these are fun and would like to get the WaR crew in on it.

... Not that WaR needs any more time devoted to Halloween. Damn did that chapter go on too long.

So yeah, this came together very last minute out of a few factors, main thing being some miscommunication that'd require me to majorly slam on the gas to get the next page colored and shaded in time to go up due to the file kind of getting caught in between us for a bit. Friday things will resume as usual, don't worry there, just in this particular case could use the break.

The actual idea for this really just started as, "Okay, so Ropun and who?" Kicked around having her, Alex, and Lillian, but I was pretty in the mood specifically for Christina and Daryl, which led to the concept of people who didn't have costumes in the Halloween chapter getting some. Put together a decent list of possibilities there, then narrowed it down further to these three, Ellen, and Sonia; these are the ones Adam felt up to doing at the moment. Credit to him for really rushing to get this one together before going to bed before work. Then we kind of just brainstormed up costumes together - Todoroki was Adam's idea probably since season 4 of My Hero just started (I don't watch it personally), the SwSh player came out of Pokemon being out in a couple weeks and wanting a fun character for Laura to be playing up, Christina as Peach really just started as wanting something embarrassing and inappropriate for her that wound up at thinking of Luigi's Mansion out in a few days (which for the first time Peach is actually in), and Rin arose out of thinking the idea of him as Munbizu was cute and it being the first idea we really hit on that was appropriate. ... Other than something else that we can't really do for Blues reasons.

Speaking of Blue Blood Heroes for anyone curious, it will be updating as normal on Wednesday, with the usual annual Halloween picture on Thursday and then a bit of filler on Saturday. We have a good reason for structuring it that way, trust us.
28th Oct 2019, 12:45 AM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, just some cute and silly filler. Don't have much to say here; Martin and I settled on the ideas after some back-and-forth.... I personally think my biggest contribution to the page was re-writing Ropun's dialog to include the accent. ^_^

Todoroki as my idea, like Martin said; pretty big My Hero fan. W4eird thing is that while he's a cool character and I like his design okay, I think Todoroki makes for a boring costume. Mostly since he doesn't have an actual super-hero costume and just wears his gym uniform. I mean, it works since his approach to being a hero seems to amount to "All Skill, no bells, no whistles" but it just doesn't have the same visual flare as the other kids. ..... Plus every con I've gone to since the show took off has had a minimum of like six Todoroki's.

Huh... Thought I had more to say here but gusess not... I like how cute Rin came out. ^^

For the record, if there's not a delay on one or both comics after Sword/Shield comes out I'll be pretty shocked. Bare minimum will need to have Xandy and Lenore playing it in the filler arcs.


28th Oct 2019, 12:52 AM
Very cute and silly, looking forward to more.