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Comic 862 - Blue Cold, Page 18

21st Nov 2019, 11:00 PM in 23. Blue Cold
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Blue Cold, Page 18
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Author Notes:

21st Nov 2019, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heh... Really scatterbrained here, but this came out pretty good. ^^ Love the ton of winter effects and just how great and corpse-like Down is. That first panel was something I was really looking forward to drawing; it's such an ominous picture and that image just does a great job showing how intimidating and dangerous Down is.

In general really been loving Down. Think Martin's presented him in a way that really puts him over as a major threat. It feels weird we don't have more ice-power people.

Y'know, this is a really good show of how Hazel's grown as a person. He's made it really clear that he fucking hates Mercy and vice-versa, but despite being a pissed-off gang member, he manages to not only put his own hate aside, but take command of Mercy and get the guy to respect his insight and authority. Look at how they're huddled together trying to think of a plan, and the way Hazel smiles as he leaves the two of them alone. It's one of those classic "enemies gaining mutual respect in a foxhole" scenarios without it being TOO in-your-face. ^^ Heh... It's a surprisingly heartwarming dynamic coming from these two characters....
21st Nov 2019, 11:14 PM
Martin F.
So yeah, I mentioned on the last page this one had to do with some rewriting to be consistent with how the art on that one came out. As scripted, Down was at the other end of the... hallway? That doesn't feel like the right word. Either way he was very far away in another car and Hazel and Mercy were ducking around the door, with that Mercy throwing the Eisenstone from a greater distance. Obviously that didn't really work here so had to retool it a bit with this Hazel distracting Down plan.

Am pretty happy with how the page came out, though admittedly to think the last couple of panels look like a little jerky. Eh, something to watch for in the future I suppose, either way hoping everyone enjoys this one. Kind of about to enter into the last leg of this fight, but still a decent ways to go.

It's funny, since Monday I started majorly digging into writing the next chapter... and I ended up finishing it. Kind of just hit a hot streak I suppose. We'll likely finish this chapter right as the year ends so that one will probably actually kick off around February. ... I'd go ahead and say the title but it'd be something of a spoiler for events still to come in this chapter.


22nd Nov 2019, 12:23 AM
In the second panel is the word balloon arrow supposed to be pointing toward Down?
22nd Nov 2019, 12:52 AM
Martin F.
Ah, sorry, that was an oversight from the fact that panel was redrawn. I'll fix it in a minute.