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Comic 882 - Rainy Day Filler: Redraw Panels 5

30th Jan 2020, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Rainy Day Filler: Redraw Panels 5
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Author Notes:

30th Jan 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
A bit of a random one to hit for a redo, but few reasons we wanted to try out this one. Came from some quick poking around - were going to go with one we've been putting off for awhile but that'll for sure be the next one, I'm kinda tired of waiting on it - right before we did it but can see some good upsides to going with this one. Offhand it's nice getting to revisit Christina's old design and showing how much more expressive the art's gotten over the years, plus we've been wanting to start going a bit more detailed with backgrounds and adding some more detail to the floor of the school was a decent place to start. ... Though whenever we next actually see it it'll probably be changed a bit from this, I like the idea of it but the tile could be laid out better than it is here in retrospect. More heavy alternation, probably also make them smaller.

It's funny, the next chapter I'm wanting to emphasize more detailed backgrounds as kind of the next big growing point for the art, but of what we've done of the next chapter thus far I'd say the only things that really show it are the cover and to an extent the first panel of the first page. Otherwise the pages have been kind of too talky to do much with the backgrounds on. But we'll get into that more when we get there.

Apparently I have kind of a tendency to dress Christina in more or less the same color scheme, since the outfit she has on in here is basically the same one as she was wearing in the last chapter, just with all the colors darker. I went a little in-between on that in the redo, skewed it closer to what she was wearing in the last chapter but still kept it darker. Guess she just has more than one green jacket. ... Maybe should give her and Ropun more screentime together.

Christina's whole role as a character has been kinda-sorta improvised. Pretty quickly got at least kind of an overview of what I wanted to do with her, but she really just started as only being there for when Alex briefly interrogated her in Days Go By and then she was useful for really kicking off the O'Hara arc. Then I just got kind of attached to the idea of making her and Alex gradually become friends and it just sort of snowballed into the role she has now. By now I pretty much have a firm plan for where her character goes from here and how she factors more into the overarching plot but she is very much just a character I enjoy writing and thus found more things to do with.

Two more pages of filler left to come. Next one will definitely be a redraw but thinking the one after will be touching back in with Xandy and Lenore before the chapter starts. Don't quote me on that though.

Enjoy this brief little bit with Alex and Christina by the way. They're both in the next chapter but not in very much of it, it's very much Sareena and co.'s story. Along with... someone else's.
31st Jan 2020, 1:32 AM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, this was a lot of fun to do. me and Martin both love drawing Christina, so it was a natural choice to take a moment to doodle her up for this. Very happy with the result.

Not a lot for me to say, but totally love how Dorothy's hair looks; this new method shows up a lot better on her than on Miss Brooks. Mostly because Dorothy has more of it. ^^ Very impressive looking. What's even more eye-catching for me is that floor. Both were all Martin and they really, really pop.

Heh.. Speaking of, Mratin added that little bit of blood around Christina's mouth, and that pack of smokes in her pocket. Really embarrassed I missed the latter. ^^


31st Jan 2020, 1:44 AM
Very interesting, wonder what the next one will be.