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Comic 93 - The Black Flame, Page 16

12th Aug 2011, 12:00 AM in 3. The Black Flame
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The Black Flame, Page 16
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Author Notes:

12th Aug 2011, 12:00 AM
Adam C.
Martin should be able to tell ya a lot about the coloring on this page. ^^ Let me talk about Young instead.

Yes, he's named after me. The surname Young comes from one of my screennames. Naturally, this makes him the coolest character ever, and I was looking forward to getting to draw him in this chapter. ^^ I even worked together a slightly tweaked design for him for the purposes of the chapter. I can go into why when his original design pops up. Not sure when that'll be....

The fact that we both have ponytails was unintended, though, just thought it made him look professional.
12th Aug 2011, 5:13 AM
Martin F.
Yeah, this page was my first real shot at doing something a bit more complicated with coloring. Not quite approached this level since, but I have re-used a few tricks and stuff from it and do intend to try something like this again - hopefully with better results - at another time. Still, it looks decent as it is.

Worth noting that Young's not based on Adam by any means, just named after him. It was mostly just a bit of inspiration for flavor text at the while, since he was mostly going to be known by his code number - 235 - in early planning.

Since it'll be awhile before these details can really pop up in the story, might as well give you some early notes of interest on Young - he's completely colorblind, and he's, no pun intended, younger than he looks; at the time you're seeing him now he's 39 - 42 in the present day of the story - but his hair's naturally grey.