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Comic 940 - A Girl Named Dorothy, Page 18

20th Aug 2020, 11:00 PM in 25. A Girl Named Dorothy
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A Girl Named Dorothy, Page 18
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Author Notes:

20th Aug 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Hey, who said this chapter was done with the big happenings?

Yeah, looks like Alex has something in mind here. We'll learn the specifics of it in the next page, but I don't imagine it's that hard to get an idea of where things are going. Either way, yeah, I do like emphasizing again here that Alex, while he isn't terribly book smart and he can be kind of goofy, is very intelligent and has probably been looking for an opportunity to turn the tables on this situation for some time now.

Also, an Arc sighting! Yeah, he hasn't been mentioned or seen in a loooong time but it felt like a good time for a reminder of the situation with him and Tryton. Not really come up for awhile but I think it does work to pretty nicely demonstrate how while Alex's situation is pretty bleak it's not a complete dead-end and that he does still have some options when it comes to his family despite the situation he's in now.

This is the penultimate page in the chapter; one more left to go and then we'll be taking a break before moving on to the next one. Kind of been playing it close to the chest because of just how densely packed this chapter's been but yeah, I think the last panel here makes it pretty clear that there's just one more big stone left to drop for now.

I do think it should probably be noted now that the in-between stuff this time around isn't just going to be aimless filler; in this particular case we have two short filler arcs that will be playing out, the first laying the groundwork for some things to come in the next chapter. I'd recommend giving this Black Princess chapter a read-through before the next chapter starts if you haven't, since I think the next one will function better if you're familiar with it, though I wouldn't say it's strictly necessary.


We've got one page left to go before this chapter's done with, but I figured that was some important info to go ahead and convey with a little bit of advance notice.

Please be sure to swing by Monday for the conclusion of this chapter, and then we'll be starting the lead-up to chapter 26, Not Christmas Without You. It'll be following a similar format to Storms Are Brewing in telling numerous side-stories; it'll be awhile in it before we get back to Alex specifically but there'll be several characters appearing for the first time in a long time during it, including the return of Xandy to the story proper. Really hoping everyone enjoys what's coming.
20th Aug 2020, 11:46 PM
Adam C.
Nnn.... God, didn't think this page owuld be this hard to comment on... Then again, I can't seem to sit still tonight.... But yeah, this is a good show that Alex has more brains than even he himself will admit, and is able to actually strategize things out that are pretty clever.

I love just how the conversation comes back to Alex's actual family. When you're in a family environment that doesn't have a lot of warmth, there's something really, really jarring when you go to one that does, and I think Alex realized how much he was missing by being trapped in this situation. So it felt nice to have him reflect on how much he still had and that, no matter how terrible things might get for him, there's something for him to come back to. Something to reach for when it's all over.

Really felt good seeing Arc again. I kinda wish I'd drawn him looking more schlubby and out of shape, implying better why he doesn't see himself as a good person to go on a vigilante spree against Tryton. Can see how that goes further down the road.

But yeah, all I got. Heh.... Maybe the filler can even have Alex talking to Xandy or something. .... Actually, wait, given what's going on in Blues, how WILL the filler go? Will Lenore's parents be in the video feed with her? Huh.....

But yeah, all I got. Hard page to discuss. One more to gooooo~


20th Aug 2020, 11:51 PM
In the first panel you forgot the f in frustration, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.