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Comic 942 - Filler: Rayne-y Days

27th Aug 2020, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Filler: Rayne-y Days
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Author Notes:

27th Aug 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, for those who don't know Adam lives in Lake Charles, LA, which was just hit by Hurricane Laura. He's perfectly fine - he evacuated before the storm actually hit and is presently in a hotel - and he has his laptop with him, but some complications have arisen with drawing the comics on it in our usual manner and complications may end up arising; in anticipation of that this filler was drawn a few days early, thus the somewhat misleading dialogue on the status of the storm. The filler arc for Wright as Rayne should be unaffected, but it is possible that a delay may end up arising in Blue Blood Heroes, though the next page is already finished. Just a warning. For bonus points, the aftermath is due to pass straight through where I live, so that might end up impacting coloring and stuff in its own right given our power and Internet out all the time as it is.

In either case, best wishes to everyone presently dealing with this - it's a very rough situation and I can't really imagine having to deal with it personally.

Well, now that we've started out on a serious note, let's roll it back and talk about how cute Xandy and Lenore are. Always fun getting to see more of the two of them; as mentioned Lenore recently showed back up in the actual story of Blues, and Xandy will be appearing in the next chapter of Wright as Rayne. She'll likely be something of a late appearance granted; at a point the plan was to start the chapter with her but as it's wound up being scripted a lot of the early focus of the chapter is on numerous other plots and then it loops back around to what all Alex has going on toward the end. More to say when we get there I guess but either way, I'm definitely looking forward to getting to do stuff with Xandy within WaR proper.
27th Aug 2020, 11:51 PM
Adam C.
Yeah, in a hotel room and hating it, but at least I'm still alive. There's been... difficulty using my tablet with the laptop but eh. Let's just hope this doesn't last too long.

But yeah, was fun getting to do the filler at least. Xandy and Lenore are always fun to draw, since they don't get a chance lately. Lenore just popped up in Blues, along with her parents, but Xandy hasn't shown up outside of fillers in a while. At least that's nearly done.

Really was considering including Lenore's parents in the frame with her, like running around looking adorable, but this was done around when it was settled I'd be leaving and the mood was sort of hectic.


27th Aug 2020, 11:54 PM
Very interesting, wonder what the next one will be.