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Comic 955 - Not Christmas Without You, Page 4

11th Oct 2020, 11:00 PM in 26. Not Christmas Without You
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Not Christmas Without You, Page 4
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Author Notes:

11th Oct 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Right off, things are a little up in the air right now - Adam's power was knocked out by another hurricane and he's presently suffering a brownout. That will hopefully be resolved soon but it has impeded the ability to work on pages, and while we have another done after this one and the script for the one afterward should be quick to get out, it might end up being impeded a bit depending on how long this takes to resolve. Going to try to avoid any delays but just a heads-up on the subject, problems might arise.

This one's a weird page to comment on, but I'm happy with it. Sort of funny how this is our second Black Court party in the span of just over a chapter, though in this particular case the party isn't actually the focus of this line of the plot. Opening with that shot of Cynthia and Flower for a reason and all, though we'll also be revisiting this crew for another one of the legs of the plot later on in the chapter. For the time being though this is all we're seeing of Ana's crew, Jake, and Paxton.

I really like doing the stuff with Ana, Sonia, and Daryl in particular though, think their whole dynamic is pretty sweet. Sort of three people without much in the way of others to turn to who've gotten close, fits well with the spirit of the season and all. I say as I put this up in October.
12th Oct 2020, 2:26 AM
Adam C.
Okay, my aunt has power so on-and-off staying with her for a while. It's still far from ideal so just hoping it won't last long. The power situation is infuriating enough that I dont even wanna discuss it until it's resolved.

But yeah, the whole gang is here. ^^ Sonia, Daryl, and Ana are thr highlights here, i think. Like Martin said, their unconventional family is a ton of fun. Just love them all hugging in that one panel, very sweet.

Jake has a unique eye style that I just threw on her for the first try and we both immediately liked. Guess we're doing better with unique eyes.... also her jacket has her radio logo on it.

Can't remember whose idea it was for Paxton to be bringing a keg.... Either way feels very him. There is no way he discussed this with anyone beforehand, and probably only after he realized his usual party favors of strippers wouldn't be appreciated.


12th Oct 2020, 2:47 AM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen now.